Flir Multimeters New Zealand

Master Distributor Of Flir Multimeters In Australasia

For over 28 years, Rapid-Tech Equipment in Australasia has provided the highest quality and most cost effective Flir multimeters to our customers. Rapid-Tech is your comprehensive source for the finest, most affordable test and measurement equipment on the market. We are one of the master distributors of the entire Flir range. Flir products are legendary in the construction, electrical, industrial, and HVAC industries for combining top-tier quality with surprisingly reasonable pricing. Professionals rely on Flir products for the toughest jobs, and Rapid-Tech Equipment is proud to offer the complete line of Flir multimeters to Australasia.


Legendary Flir Multimeters In New Zealand

To begin with, Rapid-Tech Equipment stocks a large selection of digital multimeters. We have a multimeter for virtually any imaginable application. Even within the different categories of multimeters, we have multiple options for varying degrees of toughness and compatibility. These  are one of the most popular choices in the country, earning a reputation as the digital multimeter industrial technicians trust.

Rapid-Tech Equipment: The Number One Supplier Of FLIR Multimeters In New Zealand

Rapid-Tech’s FLIR multimeters for maintenance and field service are but a fraction of our offerings.  We stock insulation multimeters for work on motors, generators, cables or switch-gear, combining a digital insulation tester with a full-service IM digital meter.

We also have intrinsically safe instruments for professionals working in petroleum, chemical, mining or pharmaceutical environments.

If you are in need of a FLIR multimeter, or if you need to speak to an experienced executive concerning what your needs might be, contact Rapid-Tech Equipment today. At Rapid Tech Equipment, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. We see every client as an opportunity to lend a helping hand, and build trust and delight with our superior knowledge and product guide. So call Rapid-Tech today and let us use our expertise to help you find FLIR multimeters.