Current Clamp Meter New Zealand

Find a DC Clamp Meter in New Zealand

Testing electrical voltage isn’t always as intense as it might sound. In fact, testing high voltage electrical equipment is only one aspect of voltage testing. Plenty of devices use low voltage, especially in commercial, domestic, and agricultural settings. Nonetheless, these products need to be tested regularly to ensure their efficiency, similar to high voltage tools. Proper testing helps to ensure that your equipment is always safe and ready to be used so that you don’t face setbacks or delays carrying out the functions that are important to you.

To make sure that your equipment is always going to be there when you need it, you’ll want to know the best way to test it is. There’s a whole testing and measurement industry when it comes to electronics, and like any other industry, it has produced a variety of methods and products, some of which are more useful than others. You’ll need to make sure that any professionals you consult with and any equipment you purchase support your ability to obtain accurate results. Save money, time, and get peace of mind when you do a bit of research pre-purchase.

There are two pieces of equipment you should be aware of whenever you’re considering testing low voltage electronic equipment: the multifunction tester and the clamp meter. Multifunction testers can be used to perform both continuity and insulation resistance tests, and many come with the capabilities to perform other operations too—such as RCD tests, earth fault loop impedance tests, and more. A clamp meter typically combines the functions of a multimeter with a current sensor that you can attach via clamps to a cable or wire. Clamp meters are particularly useful for measuring the current in a circuit without having to deactivate it first.

Where to Begin Looking for a DC Clamp Meter in New Zealand

Some of the best options you can find when you’re looking for a multifunction tester or a clamp meter are made by Fluke. Finding a multifunction tester in New Zealand is easiest when you look for the right brands, and Fluke has earned a reputation among users for the quality and accuracy of their products. You can find Fluke products (including a DC clamp meter) in New Zealand by visiting Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, a 28-year-old company whose history of providing excellent test and measurement gear has helped many customers find the testing tools they need.

Give Yourself the Best Options in the Industry

Choosing an experienced company to help you find the DC clamp meter or multifunction tester you need is the first step towards a successful measurement. With competitive pricing, many years under their belts, and the trust of their clients, Rapid-Tech is the perfect place to begin your search. Receive advice on the perfect testing gear for your needs, or order a trusted brand today. Call for more information, and to have your questions answered by one of our representatives.