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Precision defines the commercial environment. Companies adhere to strict operational standards, ensuring the quality (and efficiency) of every service. Through a network of databases, server inputs, and dashboard memos, they propel themselves toward success – constantly pushing information forward. Should the circuits delivering that information fail, therefore, the entire process will be affected.

Rapid-Tech Equipment recognises that commercial ventures demand an excess of power to complete their operations (and maintain safe environments for their employees). This is why insulation testers in Brisbane, insulation testers in Melbourne, and insulation testers in Perth prove essential – allowing contractors to install, test, and maintain wiring to national standards. Contact us today to learn more.

Rapid-Tech Equipment: About Us

Since 1996, Rapid-Tech Equipment has served as the premier provider of insulation testers online, connecting our clients to exceptional quality and specialised service. We offer insights into calibrations, radio frequencies, and measurements – making us the leading equipment company in Australia. By offering respected brands and custom solutions, we simplify the testing process.

We also provide those in need of insulation testers in Sydney and insulation testers in Brisbane with the results they deserve. We assess all customer requirements, tailoring strategies for every project and every budget.

The Necessity of Insulation Testers in Melbourne and Beyond

In 2008, the Joint Australia and New Zealand Standards Commitment launched the AS/NZS 3000:2007 – a code dictating the safety regulations for electrical contractors and consultants. These regulations (which demand consistent use of insulation testers in Perth and insulation testers in Sydney) specify:

  • Arc fault protection for switchboards using above 800A nominal supplies.
  • Discrimination and selectivity for protective devices.
  • Increased clearance between recessed luminaries and combustible materials.
  • Strengthening of fire prevention methods.
  • Segregation for telecommunications, gas, and water services.
  • Increased aerial cable clearance.

These changes promote safety in every work environment. They also highlight the need for insulation testers, with Rapid-Tech Equipment providing contractors with the diagnostic tools required to meet all AS/NS regulations.

Choosing Insulation Testers in Brisbane and Beyond: Our Products

To ensure the safety of every commercial venture, Rapid-Tech Equipment delivers insulation testers Australia wide and Melbourne, insulation testers to Sydney, and insulation testers to Perth. Our inventory embraces quality, boasting CAT III and CAT IV compliance from:

  • Megger
  • HT Italia
  • Kyoritsu
  • Reed
  • … and more.

We ensure that every contractor receives enhanced measuring ranges, superior displays, and accurate readings. To learn more about our products – or to request a demonstration – contact us today.

Searching for Insulation Testers? Rapid-Tech Equipment Services Australia.

With the release of the AS/NZS 3000:2007 code, contractors must now adapt to a variety of new standards – utilising insulation testers to promote safety and stability in the workplace. Rapid-Tech Equipment delivers quality options for every need.

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