FLIR T460 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera


The FLIR T460 is a powerful infrared camera designed specifically for predictive maintenance applications as well as industrial inspection and building diagnostic duties. The T460 thermal camera features high-resolution infrared imaging at 320 x 240 pixels or 76,800 total pixels.
A wide temperature range of -4°F to 2,732°F (-20°C to 1,500°C) gives you more than enough capability to capture infrared images of virtually any object in any application. Six measurement presets come standard including center spot, hot spot (box max), cold spot (box min), and no measurements, as well as two user-defined presets.
The FLIR T460 also includes unique FLIR imaging technologies like UltraMax and MSX which improve resolution and clarity in thermal images.

Flir T460 Features

  • +/-1% accuracy for limited temperature range; ±2% at 25°C (77°F)
  • 30mK (<0.03°C at 30°C) thermal sensitivity
  • Manual & Automatic focus modes
  • 60Hz frame rate
  • 25-degree stock lens with 6 additional options
  • Integrated LED light & laser pointer
  • Up to 8x Continuous Digital Zoom
  • Integrated 3.5″ LCD touch screen


PDF    FLIR-T-Series Information Brochure

PDF    Flir Predictive Maintenance

PDF    Flir Building Diagnostics