FLUKE 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator


The Fluke 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator is designed specifically for process technicians to simplify the pressure calibration process and provide faster, more accurate test results.

With an automatic internal electric pump, a target pressure can be set in 729 Pro. The calibrator will automatically pump to the desired set-point. Then, internal fine adjustment control automatically stabilizes the pressure at the required value.


  • Two versions:
    *  729Pro 4M – 600psi
    *  729Pro 7M – 1000psi
  • Automatic pressure generation and regulation
  • Replaceable pressure control modules
  • Built-in test template, one-key calibration
  • HART communication
  • Pressure leakage testing
  • Automatic fine-pressure adjustment, automatic pressure stabilization
  • Powerful, replaceable Li-ion battery
  • Quick pressure release valve with a muffler
  • Optional portable manifold with quick connection
  • Extend measurement range with 750P Series pressure modules
  • Measure temperature with 720RTD probe
  • Bright dual-three-channel /color graphic display
  • Weight <5kg
  • Rugged and portable design with standard 3-year warranty

    Fluke 729Pro Datasheet

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    Fluke 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator

    Fluke 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator not only simplifies pressure calibration but saves time, reduces errors and improves accuracy. With plug-in replaceable pressure control modules, the pressure generation and regulation could be up to 1000psi, 7Mpa.

    The Fluke 729 Pro can also automatically test multiple pressure test points and automatically document the results. Calibration is as easy as typing in the starting and ending pressure and the number of test points and tolerance level. The 729 does the rest.

    Built-in HART communication capabilities enable HART transmitter mA adjustments, light HART configuration and the ability to adjust to applied 0 % and 100 % pressure values.

    Fluke 729 Pro achieves 7MPa automatic pressure calibration with excellent portability of less than 5kg. Engineers are no longer restricted by the environment and can perform efficient calibration at will. The 729 Pro can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metrology, metallurgy, biology, food, transportation and automobile manufacturing.

    Product key features and benefits include:

    •  Automatic pressure calibration of transmitters, pressure switches, and pressure gauges.
    •  Source and measure pressure to test and calibrate pressure sensors, transmitters, and other pressure instruments.
    •  Source and simulate milliamp signals while measuring pressure for testing current to pressure converters (I/P).
    •  HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) communication to configure and perform trim on HART smart-pressure transmitters.
    •  Provides Loop Power and simultaneously measures mA output from a connected device.
    •  Measures pressure with all Fluke-750P Series pressure modules.
    •  Document automated as-found/as-left procedures to satisfy quality regulations or audits with DPCTrack2 software.
    •  Advanced features like auto step and auto ramp allow tests of devices automatically.
    •  The pressure switch test automatically ramps pressure up and down across expected switch trip setting to calibrate pressure switches.
    • Interchangeable Pressure Measurement Modules

    Available Models

    FLK-729Pro 4M

    • Fluke 729Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator 600 psi
    • FLK-PMM-4000K
    • FLK-PMM-200K (Optional)
    • FLK-PMM-200KA (Optional)
    • FLK-PMM-2000K (Optional)

    FLK-729Pro 7M

    • Fluke 729Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator 1000 psi
    • FLK-PMM-7000K
    • FLK-PMM-200K (Optional)
    • FLK-PMM-200KA (Optional)
    • FLK-PMM-2000K (Optional)
    • LK-PMM-4000K (Optional)
    • FLK-PMM-7000KA (Optional)