Fluke RSE30 and RSE60 Series Fixed Thermal Cameras – Revolutionizing Thermal Imaging

Introducing Fluke’s innovative RSE30 and RSE60 Series Fixed Thermal Cameras – your all-in-one solution for critical asset monitoring, hotspot detection, quality control, and more. Experience unparalleled precision with a wide temperature range of -20 to 2000°C and increased thermal sensitivity of <30mK. Capture clear thermal images effortlessly with their superior auto-focus system. Designed for diverse industries, these cameras offer flexible lens options and advanced features powered by SmartView IR software. Make the smart choice for your thermal imaging needs with our cost-effective RSE30 and RSE60 Series Fixed Thermal Cameras.

PDF Download Fluke RSE30/60 Mounted Thermal Camera Data Sheet

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     Fluke RSE30 and RSE60 Series Fixed Thermal Cameras

    Experience the pinnacle of thermal imaging with the Fluke RSE30 and RSE60 Series Fixed Thermal Cameras. These innovative cameras offer unparalleled clarity and precision, allowing you to identify even the smallest temperature changes with absolute accuracy. With their auto-focus system and a smooth frame rate of 30Hz, you’re guaranteed a seamless visual experience.

    Key Features

    The Fluke RSE series offers high-resolution thermal imaging with 640 × 480 (RSE60) and 384 × 288 (RSE30) IR resolution. This empowers you to detect and analyze minute temperature variations with precision and ease.

    Wide temperature measurement range of -20 °C to 2000 °C (RSE30H/60H) makes these cameras versatile and adaptable, suitable for a multitude of applications.

    The Auto-focus system ensures your camera remains sharply focused on your target, saving you time and effort.

    With the 30Hz Frame rate & 1.8 Mb bandwidth video output, the Fluke RSE series captures the most detailed images, providing a fluid and smooth visual experience.

    The cameras are compatible with Standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses, meeting the diverse needs of R&D, quality inspections, and monitoring.

    The SmartView IR PC software combined with Open API SDK unlocks industrial vision & software customization capabilities, boosting your operational efficiency.

    Experience the Fluke Advantage

    Fluke cameras offer easy visualization of hot & cold areas on your target with 16 color palettes such as Ironbow, black-white & rainbow. Conduct multi-point testing confidently with user-definable measurement points, lines, and areas without limitations.