GW Instek GSP-9300B Spectrum Analyzer – 3 GHz


GW Instek GSP-9300B is a spectrum analyzer designed for 3GHz basic RF measurements. Instrument features include frequency stability of 0.025ppm, aging rate of 1ppm/year, built-in preamplifier, base noise of -149dBm/Hz, and more than 20 measurement applications, including AM/FM modulation analysis, signal channel analysis, and CATV parameter testing.

With the TG option installed, the GSP-9300B can perform frequency response or power linearity tests on components.


  • Frequency Range: 9kHz ~ 3 GHz
  • 0.025ppm Frequency Stability and 1ppm aging Rate
  • Built-in Preamplifier, 50dB Attenuator, and Sequence Function
  • RBW: 1Hz ~ 1MHz
  • Sensitivity: -149dBm/Hz (@PreAmp on)
  • Built-in AM/FM Demodulation & Analysis
  • Built-in P1dB point, Harmonic, Channel Power, N-dB bandwidth, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, TOI, CNR, CTB, CSO, Noise Marker, Frequency
  • Counter, Time Domain Power, Gated Sweep
  • Built-in Spectrogram, Topographic and Dual-View Display Modes
  • Remote Control Interface: LAN, USB, RS-232
  • Options: Tracking Generator, GPIB Interface

PDF Download  GSP-9300B Datasheet