Reed R5004 Phase Sequence/Motor Rotation Tester4

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The Reed R5004 Phase Sequence/Motor Rotation Tester is highly accurate and has an extremely fast response, great features that recommend it as a versatile tester when you need to check a motor’s rotation direction without any contact.

REED R5004 Features

  • Tests phase orientation of 3-phase power sources
  • Indicates phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise and whether each of the
    three phases is live)
  • Also indicates direction of motor rotation
  • Determines motor rotation without contact
  • Easy to open alligator clips with wide jaws
  • Double molded housing
  • Cat. III 600V safety rating
  • Complete with cables with 3 colour-coded alligator clips, 9V battery and carrying case

Authorised Australian Distributor

1 Year Warranty