High speed voltage recorder | SEFRAM DAS220 10 Channel Handheld Universal Datalogger

The Sefram DAS220 & DAS220BAT Datalogger / Recorders have been designed to measure all parameters you can find in a process: voltage measurements, measurements on sensors (0-10V), temperature measurements (thermocouple, Pt100-Pt1000), current measurements (with optional shunt), resistance measurement, counter, frequency.

You can view directly the results of measurements (graphs,numerical values) and memorize your results in the recorder memory or in a USB memory stick. The data transfer and data processing can be done later with a personal computer using the licence free DasLab software.

The DAS220BAT is the battery version with it’s internal lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) battery.

The Sefram DAS220 & DAS220BAT also known as high speed recorder voltage, high speed oscilloscope recorder, high-speed recorder, high speed data logger, multi-channel datalogger, multichannel data logger.

    DAS220 Datasheet

    DAS220 User Manual