SEW 6280 TB Professional Instrument Calibration Check Box

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The SEW 6280 TB is designed for field or workshop use and can test a wide range of instrumentation.  The control panel on the SEW 6280 TB is divided into three sections with each function having its own section. To operate the test box, the user simply plugs the power cable of the SEW 6280 TB into a standard power outlet and plugs the instrument to be tested into the SEW 6280 TB.  The image shows a “multifunction” power socket on the instrument but all instruments delivered in New Zealand will be fitted with the correct 3 pin New Zealand socket.

For RCD tester verification, the SEW 6280 TB can simulate a 10mA, 30mA and 150mA RCD with trip times of 150ms or 30ms (in the case of a 150mA simulation). Loop impedance is checked by plugging the meter being tested into the loop tester section of the test box and operating the meter being tested. The bi-directional switch on the SEW 6280 TB allows the operator to measure the local supply loop, and then by changing the switch the test box can simulate a loop impedance value (supply loop + 1 Ohm) to verify the accuracy of the loop impedance tester being checked. Finally the SEW 6280 TB can check insulation resistance testers, in both insulation resistance mode as well as continuity mode with a number of pre-set values and test voltages.

pdf_sml    SEW 6280TB Datasheet
pdf_sml    SEW 6280 TB Application Note
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