ETCR3520B High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester – Robust and User-friendly for Electrical and Telecommunication Industries

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Experience the future of insulation resistance testing with our ETCR3520B High Performance HV Insulation Resistance Tester! Specially designed to flawlessly perform in large-capacity, high-voltage, and strong-inductive environments, this versatile tool is essential for professionals across electrical power, telecommunications, meteorology, and more. Featuring a clear, true-colour touch screen and easy-to-use button and rotary switch operation, it makes complex testing simple. With double-layer insulation, shielded test lines, and a solid double-layer shell case for ultimate protection, our tester ensures reliable performance and durability. Benefit from features like automatic test time recording, safe data upload via a fully isolated USB and Bluetooth interface, and a robust rechargeable lithium battery. Enhance your testing capabilities with ETCR3520B today!

PDF Download  ETCR3520 Datasheet