ETCR3520C High-Performance High-Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester with True-Colour Touch Screen and Robust Lithium Battery

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Experience the future of large-scale electrical testing with the ETCR3520C High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester.

This high-performance device offers unrivalled insulation resistance testing in high-voltage and strong-inductive environments. With features such as a wide testing range from 0.005MΩ to 30TΩ, an easy-to-operate true-colour touch screen, and robust rechargeable lithium battery power, it ensures precise results with every use.

The tester’s shell is IP65 rated for superior protection against dust, moisture, and impacts. Plus includes double-layer insulated test lines and a high-voltage rod fitted with replaceable clips and hooks for maximum versatility.

Perfect for professionals in electrical maintenance, telecommunications, meteorology, and power supply departments. Upgrade your toolkit with the ETCR3520C today!

PDF Download   ETCR3520 Datasheet