Extech 412440-S Calibration Source Checker

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The Extech 412440-S current loop checker is a handheld battery operated device that provides a quick and easy simulated output of 4mA, 12mA, and 20mA for use in testing process loops and calibrating instruments.

It is the ideal device to set up indicating ranges on panel meters and controllers.

Plug the 60-inch coiled calibration cable into the checker and connect the spade lugs to the device under test. Using the calibrator’s push button, select the desired calibration point and check the device under test for proper display or other desired response.

If the device under test responds within specification, then it can be considered in proper calibration. If the device under test does not respond within specification, calibration of the device is required.

Extech 412440-S Features:

  • Pocket Checkers are easy to use and provide a quick and easy way for checking calibration of meters or controllers
  • Instantly determine if your device needs calibration or if sensor needs to be replaced
  • Current Loop model is accurate to 0.1mA
  • Current: 4mA, 12mA and 20mA; Overload indication when load exceeds 240Ω

CE     1 Year


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