Reed GD-3300 Combustible Gas Detector

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The REED Combustible Gas Leak Detector is a battery operated device that is designed to transmit warnings via a series of audible and visible signals, such as alarms and flashing lights, when dangerous levels of gas vapors are detected. The GD-3300 can be used to trace leaks from natural gas lines, propane tanks, butane tanks, or any other combustible gas source and warn of a dangerous gas level.


  • Detects a wide variety of gases, including some toxic gases and nuisance vapors
  • Following is a partial list of the more common gases detected: Natural Gas; Propane; Butane; Methane; Acetone; Alcohol; Ammonia; Steam; Carbon Monoxide; Gasoline; Jet Fuel; Hydrogen Sulfide; Smoke; Industrial Solvents; Lacquer Thinner; Naphtha
  • Precision semi-conductor sensor detects even the smallest leaks
  • Audible (variable tick rate) and visible indications help to pinpoint leak sources
  • Adjustable sensitivity helps to eliminate background gas concentrations in contaminated environments

Authorised Australian Distributor

1 Year Warranty

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