High speed voltage recorder | Sefram DAS1700 High Speed Data Acquisition Recorder – 6 to 72 Channels

The Sefram Data Acquisition Solution DAS1700 is a High-Speed Recorder that enables you to acquire multiple parameters:
›  Voltage
›  Current (with shunt or Clamp)
›  Temperature (thermocouples)
›  Measurements from sensors (e.g. 0-10V; 4-20 mA)

You can set up your own channel configuration by choosing from the 4 input boards available: Universal Board, Universal High Voltage board, Strain Gauge board and Multiplexed boards. With suitable channel configuration you can record from 6 up to 72 channels and 16 logic inputs.


• Wide 15,6 inches touchcreen TFTdisplay
• Up to 72 channels recorded simultaneously
• Fast sampling rate 1 Msa/s (1µs)
• 3 acquisition board slots (up to 6 with the extension option)
• 4 types of acquisition boards
• Internal memory : 500GB SSD (up to 2TB with option)
• LAN, USB, Wi-Fi (option) interfaces and 16 logic channels
• Battery option (2h battery life)
• Analysis and remote control software provided
• Carrying case provided

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    DAS1700 Datasheet

    DAS1700 User Manual