PRESYS TE-300PLL Dry Well Calibrator |- Liquid Bath combination

The PRESYS TE-300PLL Dry Well Calibrator and Liquid Bath combination is the premier choice for precision calibration tasks. Equipped with a technically advanced design that combines high performance parameters, such as ± 0.01 ºC of stability, with unbeatable portability and ease of use, the device will provide maintenance personnel an unprecedented degree of accuracy and reliability in all their calibration needs. The calibrator features an input for thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermoswitches as well as a 24 Vdc power supply, mA input for 2-wire transmitters and extra-large calibration volume (59 mm diameter x 200 mm height). It can generate temperatures from ambient to 300ºC with 0.01 ºC resolution! Automation capabilities ensure easy setup even without the need for a computer – making it perfect for spontaneous field repairs or scheduled laboratory calibrations. With its foresighted engineering, the PRESYS is sure to become your go-to tool in maintenance!

PDF Download PRESYS TE-300PLL Dry Well Calibrator Datasheet